About me mostly

My love of technology can be traced back to begging my parents for an
8-track recorder. We had a wonderful 8-track player in our Fleetwood Brougham, but every time I wanted to hear a new Jackson 5, Peaches & Herb song or add another Sugarhill Gang track, my father had to go see a man about a song because recording in those days was not so simple.

In my young mind, I knew it couldn’t be magic, so how did this recorder work? My dad (an electronics engineer) patiently explained the precursor to Moore’s Law, declaring, “We do not purchase anything with moving parts when it first comes out. We have to wait for the price to drop and the glitches to get resolved. Until then, you can figure out how to record your own music.”

Huh? There was no explanation after that…which made for a very curiously inventive child. By the time my dad was willing to purchase the 8-track recorder, cassettes were on the scene and the technology was much easier to access! AND, I figured out how to record hundreds of cassettes of music and make homemade radio shows (they are now known as “podcasts”). Equipped with curiosity and creativity, it all began…

She/Her/Hers – Assistant Director of the CDVL – Atlanta native – Worked in the field of technology since 1990 – B.A. in Organizational Leadership – M.A. in Educational Technology – former Director of Technology – Intel Master Teacher certified – Distinguished Apple Education Leader – certified in SCRUM Project Management (Agile Methodologies) – reader of prose – Mommy, Sister, Daughter, Friend, and Lover of the Ocean

My closest friends like to remind me that I’m always up for an adventure as long as it involves growth (sometimes painful) and some form of new knowledge. They also nicknamed me the Carol Burnett of our crew.

I will always be on a journey to learn. I have so much more to “understand” about the world, discover about myself, and share with others.

So there you have it. If you want to know more, contact me at ljones@agnesscott.edu – Reach out soon.